Procedure of Online Counselling

✓ You send me your request with a short description of your issue (click here to get in touch with me).

✓ In general I’ll get back to you within 48 hrs (Monday till Friday) and I’ll send you further information via email.

✓ You fill out the Questionnaire for Online Counselling and send it back with your signed Counselling Contract.

✓ We make an appointment for our first session via video call or chat which can often take place within a few days (prerequisite: You paid in advance). Counselling sessions can be during the day as well as in the evening. In exceptional cases it can also take place on weekends.

✓ If you want to go on with online counselling after our first meeting, we make a new appointment. This can be either directly after the first session or later.

✓ Important: Quantity and frequency of our appointments is based on your personal needs.

✓ Counselling via email usually can begin after return of the Questionnaire for Online Counselling and your signed Counselling Contract (prerequisite: You paid in advance).

Different ways of online counselling

Procedure Online counsellingThe following paragraphs describe the different ways of online counselling that I offer. Basis for counselling via video call or chat is an appointment we scheduled before. For video calls and chats I use Wire (click here for free download) because of a secure end-to-end encryption; it´s suitable for desktop use as well as mobile use. Counselling via email  is not bound to a fixed date.

Counselling via video call

This type of counselling is most likely to a conversation in person which has quite a lot advantages. Besides hearing the voice of the counterpart also facial expressions and eventually gestures can be seen. This makes statements become significant comprehensive. The risk of missunderstandings is just little and therefore has a positive effect on the relationship between client and counsellor.

Counselling via chat

Some people want to have a conversation with a counsellor, but don´t want to be heard nor seen. Some can express themselves better in writing than verbally. In these cases counselling via chat is a good alternative to video calls. This method can help when you are on the move and don´t want other people to listen to your conversations. To benefit the most from our session it´s advantageous to be in a more quiet surrounding.

Next steps

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