Suitable issues for Online Counselling

✓ Feelings of Stress and Overload

✓ Relationship and Family Issues

✓ Self-Esteem and Confidence Issues

✓ Lack of Assertiveness

✓ Negative Thinking

✓ Decision Conflictcs (professional or private)

✓ Living Abroad

✓ and many more

This numeration represents just some of the requests my clients have and that are suitable for an online counselling session. If you aren´t sure, whether your issue is suited for online counselling or if you got any questions, please get in touch with me (click here).

The way I work

One of the most important things of my work is that I´m on a par with my clients. You are the expert because it´s up to you which solution is the right one and feels harmonious – only for you personally. From my experience my clients have everything inside of themselves what they need to solve their issues and problems.

My job is to help you to reconnect with your own inner abilities, skills and ressources. First and foremost I use the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a method which is excellent for short-term therapy and counselling. This is why the solutions we work out together always are unique – just like you!

Again and again my clients are astonished about the little changes that have a huge impact on their feelings and lives. And I´m always filled with joy and gratitude when I see them growing, developing and leaving former problems behind.

Limitations of Online Counselling

Though some countries allow psychotherapy via internet I´m bound to German laws because I´m based in Germany. In Germany psychotherapy has to take place in a face-to-face setting which means that sessions just via internet are not allowed. In some cases my offer for online counselling cannot be an appropriate support. This includes urgent crises, suicidal tendencies, taking of psychotropics and/or already medically/psychiatric diagnosed mental diseases. In these cases please contact as soon as possible your attending therapist, doctor or call the medical emergency service of your hometown or country.