Fees for online counselling are less than you may think

The question is:

How much is it worth to you to reduce your stress or to solve your problem?

How much are you worth to yourself?

Or better: Are all the goods you´re buying more important than your emotional state?

After every appointment you can decide whether you want to go on with online counselling and book a new session – or not. Or if you integrate what you heard, learned and experienced and get back to me later again when you feel you´re done integrating and can go on growing. It´s up to you, how often our sessions take place and how much temporal space we leave between each session.

People are different and have varying needs. Therefore I don´t advise my clients to book fixed appointments in a certain rhythm (unless they explicitly want to).

On the one hand this proceeding means great freedom for you, on the other hand you keep total cost control.

Counselling via video calls or chat

  • Regular session (60 mins) = 80,- EUR
  • Monthly flatrate (4 sessions á 60 mins within 4 weeks) = 280,- EUR – save 40 €! (payable at once)


Session payments can be made in advance only. You can either pay by bank transfer (German bank account) or via PayPal, the only accepted currency is EUR. After your first contact you’ll get further details.

Next steps

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