Welcome and nice to meet you!

Hey there, I’m Claudia Mischke. People who normally contact me have quite different pains and issues, but one thing always stays the same: Every single client can be sure to find a committed and sensitive companion in me for all of his or her concerns.

Most important factor for our cooperation: You. You as an individual with your personal background, your emotions, your being. My priority #1 is that everyone who works with me leaves our session in a better state than he or she was before (even if it’s just minimal).

In our sessions we start by looking together at your current issue. After that we work on rebuilding your connection to your abilities and ressources. The abilities and ressources you – for whatever reasons – don’t have access to at the moment. Because:

Inside yourself you already have everthing you need to solve your problems. I’m absolutely certain about that. Maybe everything isn’t just on the right spot at the moment.

Professional qualifications

A lot of own abilities and know how runs into my work with you. Among other things I got a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a NLP-Master and I´m a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin auf dem Gebiet der Psychotherapie, a qualification you only can gain in Germany). I already started my personal journey in 1997 when I was just 18 years old which means I now go back to more than 20 years of experience.

What you can expect from working with me

If you work with me, you’ll probably realize that working on yourself and your life issues sometimes can be easy and fun. Seriously! Plenty of my clients came with a severe problem and left our session with a smile on their face (though I can’t and won’t ever promise this in advance). But this I can promise: I’ll always do my best to support you in finding the best possible solution for your issues. With my heart and mind – and if it’s suitable with a good portion of humour.

I love watching my clients grow and leave their former dark clouds behind wearing a smile instead. This absolutely elates me and fills my heart with joy!

So do you want

  • to open up to someone who doesn’t judge you for anything,
  • who helps you to transform negative emotions into positives and
  • to look at your life from a different perspective,
  • to handle difficulties in your life in a better way and with a different mindset,
  • to gain more self-confidence,
  • to feel less fear and anxiety in your life and
  • to leave old, painful memories behind,

then take a first step right now and get in touch with me (click here).

I’m looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards
Claudia Mischke

B.Sc. Psychology, NLP-Master &
Non-medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy